VA’V Trio Perform Jan. 24, 2015

Fire and Bronze will be back in Little Saigon on 1/24 with the VA’V Trio lead by Emmy winner, Oscar nominee, Grammy judge, award winning Vietnamese traditional artist and composer Vanessa Van-Anh Vo, featuring guest artist classical singer Teresa Mai.

Come to enjoy and take your music experience and appreciation to new heights as you journey with us through the world of new musical sounds. Come to discover how a familiar music genre or an iconic piece can be expressed in a new style with a new sound that breathes a new life to the music you have long known and loved. Imagine pieces from Vietnamese pop songs such as Con Mua Ha, to iconic oldies like Dust in the Wind, to Jimmy Hendrix’s most well-known song Purple Haze, to George Gershwin’s melancholic Summertime, to classical, traditional music and more, and wonder how they will be interpreted by the VA’V Trio with ultra-talented Vanessa Van-Anh Vo, PC Muñoz and Alex Kelly. Come to find a diverse program that promises to entertain and leave a great impression on the audience!

The concert also supports the Health Initiatives through Peer Education (HIPE) program under the VA-NGO network to provide sustainable solutions to address health and social issues in the most disadvantaged communities through youth empowerment and community engagement.

“From the flame of strength that knows no limits, rises the music of Wild Spirits.” -FnB

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