Alex Kelly

Dr. Alex Kelly, with three bachelor’s degrees, two master’s degrees, and a doctorate in music, is a San Francisco based cellist, composer, electronic musician and conductor. He has premiered over 150 new works and recorded over 200 albums. Alex has composed for and performed with major orchestras and various ensembles in North America and Europe. He has also composed film scores and video game music. Alex orchestrated a concerto for four soloists for tabla guru Zakir Hussain that was premiered by the National Symphony Orchestra at the Kennedy Center in 2011.

Alex Kelly is the author of the cello technique book “The Seven Points” which teaches fingerboard mapping techniques that aim to help intermediate and advanced players master pitch accuracy through a sequence of exercises.

In his professional teaching world, Alex manages between 100 and 125 students each term, including those in the Urban School Chamber Orchestra, the electronic musicians and composers at the College of Marin, and private students with lessons in cello, piano, theory/composition, improvisation, and electronic music.

In his “underground” cello world, Alex’s multi-genre solo show, featuring original compositions using electronics and “live looping” techniques, has been seen in a variety of venues ranging from Davies Symphony Concert Hall to Yosemite mountaintops.

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